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Exclusive Store


Located in the mids of ruins and the lake, our store dawns the shimmer and squeal of new India. Beautifully designed and expressing a fondness for minimalism, Squareloop store just like our bags has quintessential appeal and feel to it. 



Our patrons are our real treasure and we ensure we do not leave any stone unturned in delighting them with our workmanship. We participate in exhibitions and host open houses on a regular basis, stay tuned to our home page for regular updates.



Media has a liking for our style and getting published in magazines and having an online presence has become a routine and an essential duty on our part to make sure our 'LOOPERS' can keep track of our every movement.

Design Inspiration


Brining forth the look and appeal of minimalism and functionality, combined with Indian 'karigari' and Western 'charm' is what Squareloop is all about. We feel responsible for bringing the new age designs and styles to one and all, and we will do our best to showcase it with an Indian finesse.



Careful selection of materials and use of quality hardware has always been a priority for us. The very touch and look of our bags can enable you to make a distinctive choice. After extensive sourcing and careful selection we come up with soulful reasons to delight you again and again.

Global Love


From appearing in TV ads to music videos, Squareloop is ensuring one and all gets to treasure their prized assets bought from Squareloop. Ignite your senses and stay glued to our new offerings.